What to Do Immediately After a Tornado Strikes Your Home

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If a tornado strikes your home, it is essential to know what to do next. Stronghold Safe Rooms explains what to do immediately following a tornado.

Don’t Panic

Sometimes this is easier said than done, but you must avoid panicking once the tornado has passed. You need to remain calm and focused so you can quickly assess if anyone needs medical care or if the area you are in is now safe.

Having a tornado preparation plan ahead of time can help you stay calm in these moments. Knowing where first aid supplies are and having easy access to your weather radio will keep you from frantically searching later on.

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Check For Injuries

Once it’s clear the tornado has passed over you, check everyone for injuries. With their adrenaline pumping from such a terrifying experience, people might not realize they are hurt right away. Look over yourself and everyone with you, and have first aid supplies on hand to treat minor injuries.

If anyone is seriously injured and needs immediate medical attention, call 911 and get them to authorities as quickly as possible. If the situation is critical, perform CPR until help can arrive.

Stay Informed

Even if it seems like the tornado strike has passed, continue listening to the weather radio to make sure you are in the clear. A lull in the storm may not mean that it is completely over yet. Don’t venture outside until you hear that the threat has passed.

Contact Family and Friends

Once all serious injuries are taken care of, contact close family and friends to let them know where you are and that you are okay. If you’re trapped inside your residence, they may be able to reach you quicker than the authorities.

Assess The Damage

If you are sheltered somewhere outside your residence, do not go back into your home until authorities have told you it’s safe. You might be walking into a very shaky structure that could collapse at any moment.

If you are sheltered inside your home, try to gauge the damage around you. Is the roof or any walls sagging? Is there any broken glass or dangerous objects? Do you smell leaking gas or see any electrical hazards? Find the safest route out of your home and be hyper-aware of any dangers around you.

Help Your Neighbors

Once everyone is safe and out of the home, assess the damage to homes around you. There may be neighbors who are trapped and in need of assistance. Don’t forget to check on elderly neighbors or those with limited mobility. Always assess the situation and check for dangers before going in to help someone else. Rushing in too quickly may result in needing a rescue alongside your neighbor.

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Residential Storm Shelters with Stronghold

If a tornado strikes, you want to be ready. Protect your family with an above-ground storm shelter from Stronghold Safe Rooms. They are rated to withstand winds up to 250 mph, equivalent to an EF-5 tornado. Install an above-ground shelter in your garage or on a dedicated concrete pad. 

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