5 Reasons Why You Need a Residential Tornado Shelter in Springfield, MO

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Stronghold Safe Rooms is a premier manufacturer and installer of residential tornado shelters. Our above-ground storm shelters are made of steel and strong enough to withstand a direct hit from an EF4 tornado. Our shelters are built on a concrete pad and can be attached or unattached to your home, typically sitting inside your garage.

If you are a resident of Springfield, MO, or the surrounding areas, you could benefit from a storm shelter from Stronghold, and here are five reasons why. 

Tornadoes Can Form Quickly

With modern technology, it has become easier to predict when the weather will produce the conditions necessary for tornadoes to form. But weather reports are not always 100% accurate, and tornadoes can develop quickly, leaving little preparation time.

In these instances, there may not be time to drive to the nearest public tornado shelter, and if you don’t have a basement, you might find yourself huddling in the closet.

Sheltering in a Basement or Lowest Level May Not Work

A basement is typically the safest place in the home during a tornado. But severe EF4 and EF5 tornados can rip a home entirely off its foundation. Having a secure storm shelter in your home is a safer option than a basement.

Springfield Regularly Sees Tornadoes

In Springfield, Missouri, and the rest of the Midwest, most of the spring into the beginning of summer is considered tornado season. Missouri is right in the middle of tornado alley, so during tornado season we are at high risk for storms. It is a good idea to have a steel storm shelter in your home since tornado warnings are to be expected in the area.

Tornadoes Can Happen Any Time of the Year

Tornado season isn’t the only time Missouri sees twisters, however. Tornados can happen at any time of year, like the Leap Day Tornado that tore up the Branson strip or the November 29, 1991 tornado that unfortunately killed two people. Having an onsite storm shelter can be beneficial when tornados occur when you least expect them.

A Residential Storm Shelter Can Save Your Life

Although the risk of dying in a tornado is small, it is best not to take chances. Yearly tornado warnings are inevitable in our area, so it is best to be prepared for disaster. And if a storm pops up quickly, you may not have time to get to a designated public shelter.

Tornado Shelters with Stronghold Safe Rooms

Springfield, MO, is considered a high-risk area for tornados, so it’s best to prepare. Stronghold Safe Rooms can install a residential storm shelter any time of year.

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