How Much Should You Pay For A Storm Shelter?

Storm shelter attached to house

When you buy a storm shelter, there are several different aspects of the buying process that may increase your potential price. If you want your storm shelter to fit your home or business’s needs, Stronghold Safe Rooms lists a few things you should think about before purchasing a safe room. Type There are actually two main types of storm shelters … Read More

Above Ground Vs Below Ground Storm Shelters

Tornado shelter door

If you’re considering purchasing a storm shelter for your home or business, did you know that there are two different types? Above ground shelters and below ground shelters are the two most popular types of storm shelters, and each has its own unique benefits. If you’re interested in purchasing a storm shelter and not sure which one will fit your … Read More

Questions To Answer When Buying A Safe

Close up image of a home safe with jewelry inside

With such a wide variety of makes and models, there are some questions you need to ask yourself before investing in a home safe. In this Stronghold blog we endeavor to help you look at some of the questions that need to be answered before you buy! What Items Are You Planning On Storing? Before you even begin your search … Read More

Documents To Store In A Safe Pt. 2

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Throughout life, you will accumulate quite a few important documents. Though it may be tempting to just put them in your desk drawer, the best place for them is in a secure safe. In a previous blog, we listed several things that should most definitely be stored in your home safe. In this Stronghold Blog lists some additional important personal … Read More

Stronghold: What Are Essential Items For Your Storm Shelter?

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If a serious storm hits, you want to make sure your storm shelter is fully stocked with all of the necessary things to keep you all safe. This Stronghold blog offers tips for how to keep your storm shelter equipped with all of the essentials for you and your family! Related Post: What Are Essential Items for Your Safe Room? … Read More

Stronghold: What Is A Debris Impact Test?

Image of tornado forming over a road and field

Tornadoes can cause serious damage. This means that when you’re buying a storm shelter to protect your family, you want to make sure that it will actually do its job. The Debris Impact Test was created to make sure that storm shelters could withstand the power of a tornado. This Stronghold blog explores what exactly a Debris Impact Test is … Read More

Stronghold Discusses The History Of Safe Rooms

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As long as individuals have had valuables they would like to store, or places that they seek in times of emergency, there have been safe rooms. In this blog, Stronghold Safe Rooms provides you with more information about the history of safe rooms. Related Post: Do I Need a Safe Room if I Have a Basement? Around The World It … Read More

Will A Safe Protect My Belongings?

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If you’re looking for high-quality protection for your valuables, you might want to consider buying a home safe. Are safes worth the money? How secure are they? Stronghold Safe Rooms discusses how Liberty Safes are made and how durable they really are. What Valuables Are At Risk? The top five items most often stolen in a home burglary are probably … Read More

4 Reasons You Need A Home Safe

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Do you have a safe in your home? If not, you may want to think about purchasing one. While you may believe a safe is just a target for burglars, safes can be quite handy in protecting items in a variety of ways while improving your sense of security. Stronghold Safe Rooms discusses the benefits of having a home safe. … Read More

What Valuables Should I Store In My Safe?

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When you purchase a safe, it’s easy to assume you should put any and everything valuable inside the safe to keep it secure. However, not every valuable item you have should be kept in a safe. In this blog, Stronghold Safe Rooms discusses the items you should be storing in your home safe. Related Post: Questions to Ask When Buying … Read More