Residential Safe Rooms

Stronghold specializes in commercial storm shelter design, construction, and installation. In fact, our commercial business is so strong that we build our residential shelters to the same quality as our commercial shelters. Our permit team has over 15 years’ experience in obtaining building permits throughout the nation. Hundreds of companies & families have trusted us through the years with the safety of their employees and their families. We hope that your family will consider joining the ranks of our satisfied clientele.

Stronghold certified storm shelters are compliant to the highest quality standards in the industry, which includes the following: FEMA P-361 2015 and ICC 500/NSSA 2014 and IBC 2015. Installed shelters include the NSSA quality verification seal and NSSA certificate of installation. All shelter models have been debris impact tested at the National Wind Institute (NWI) and verified to withstand winds in excess of 250 mph (EF-5 resistant). Our NWI PASS Letter is on file for customer review. Shelters have also been wind engineered evaluated and include verification documentation.


Jim McDonald of McDonald & Mehta Engineering Firm, hired by the National Weather Service to update the new EF-5 tornado intensity scale, performed our wind engineer evaluation and calculated wind loads on the structure.


Fabricated shelters are built by state of the art robotics using laser guided welds in an ISO 9001 certified facility, ensuring the highest quality standards are achieved during the manufacturing process. Shelters are electrostatic coated with premium grade primer and paint that creates a durable high gloss finish or receive an automobile quality powder coat.


Shelters are installed into a structural engineer designed and approved reinforced concrete pad with proper calculated yardage amounts. Our anchoring system was approved by the Army Corps of Engineers during a supervised install in 2006 and is utilized during the anchoring of our shelter to the pad.

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