Commercial Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms


Modular Structures for Emergency Response and Mitigation

Stronghold specializes in commercial storm shelter design, construction, and installation. Our permit team has over 15 years’ experience in obtaining building permits throughout the nation. Hundreds of companies have trusted us through the years with the safety of their employees, and we hope that your company will consider joining the ranks of our satisfied clientele.

Stronghold certified commercial storm shelters are compliant to the highest quality standards in the industry, which includes the following:

State of the Art Fabricated Structures/Shelters – Stronghold designs, manufactures, delivers, and installs customized shelters for rapidly changing conditions. Our customers can safely expand to new locations or relocate for operations centers, telecommunications and IT, logistics/staging, and medical response.

Customized Design – Stronghold can customize modular units to fulfill specific customer requirements for dimensions and industry application.

Installation – Stronghold is experienced in transport and installation of modular units at a wide variety of customer locations. The structures are installed into a structural engineer designed and approved reinforced concrete pad with our proven anchoring system.

Safe and Secure – Stronghold’s shelters are built to the highest standards for resistance to storms and secure access. Since these modular structures are freestanding air intakes are always from fresh air.

Speed – Stronghold is rapidly responsive to customer requests. We know that these structures can be mission critical. As a business owned by the federally recognized Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, we offer our customers optimized acquisition options. Stronghold is in the final approval phase of Tribal 8(a) certification.

SBA Certified Tribally Owned 8(a) Business

As a SBA certified tribally owned 8(a) firm, Stronghold is afforded important prerogatives under the Federal Acquisitions Regulations and US legal code. These regulations offer value to our customers, , allowing Stronghold to deliver rapid, sole source, and noncontestable solutions for federal contracting needs.

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