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Terrorist in a holding a homemade bomb

The Role of a Safe Room in the Event of a Terrorist Act

In today’s world, the threat of terror attacks weighs heavily on the minds of those dedicated to protecting their loved ones. While foreign attacks are much less likely to occur in the US, domestic terrorism is on the rise. If you want...

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Burglar standing outside of a door

What Is a Safe Room?

Safe rooms are quickly becoming an important investment in any new home construction. With the ability to protect your family from both storms and intruders, you have protection regardless of what occurs. If you have heard about safe rooms...

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A large tornado moving across a field

5 Preparation Steps for Tornado Season

Waiting for trouble to strike is a recipe for disaster. Living in Southwest Missouri and ignoring tornado safety preparation is truly a dangerous combination. Everyone in our area should have a plan for exactly what to do in case severe...

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Tornado shelter sign with a storm forming in the background

What to Do in a Home Without a Basement During a Tornado?

One of the safest places to be during a tornado is in your basement. However, not everyone in the Ozarks has access to a basement. When the Joplin tornado struck, for instance, a majority of the city’s residents were without a...

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