Residential Storm Shelters & Safes

Tornadoes and storms shouldn’t be a worry for those living across the Midwest. Protect your family with a residential storm shelter and safe room designed and built by Stronghold. Stronghold specializes in commercial and residential storm shelter design, construction, and installation across Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Tornado on the ground in the plains states

Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms

Hundreds of families have trusted our home storm shelters through the years. The safety of your loved ones is what these structures are all about. We hope your family will consider joining the ranks of our satisfied clientele.

Rhino Gun Safes For Your Home

Rhino safes are built tough to protect your firearms from theft and fire damage. Veteran-owned and American-made, Rhino gun safes are high quality and rated as some of the best gun safes in the country.

Blue Room with Gun Safe Nightstand Next to Bed

Industry’s Highest Quality

Stronghold certified storm shelters comply with the highest quality standards in the industry, which includes FEMA P-361 2015, ICC 500/NSSA 2014 and IBC 2015. Installed shelters include the NSSA quality verification seal and NSSA certificate of installation. All shelter models have been debris-impact tested at the National Wind Institute (NWI) and verified to withstand winds in excess of 250 mph (EF-5 resistant).

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