Does FEMA Pay for Your Residential Storm Shelter?

Does FEMA Pay for Your Residential Storm Shelter?

All shelter models are debris impact tested at the National Wind Institute and verified to hold up to winds over 250 mph, but it’s not a guarantee that they won’t get damaged. In an effort to prevent loss of life and storm damage, the...

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residential storm shelters

How You Can Benefit From Installing a Residential Storm Shelter In Your Home

When you live in an area that is prone to extreme weather, storms, and other forms of natural disaster danger, you have to be prepared as a homeowner. Far too many people ignore the risks that come from hurricanes, tornadoes, and other...

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commercial storm shelter

Why You Need a Commercial Storm Shelter

If you live in an area impacted by tornados or intense and dangerous storms, building a commercial storm shelter will help keep you and your employees safe. The United States is a world leader in tornados, with over 1,000 taking place each...

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residential tornado shelters

How Storm Shelters Save Lives

Each year, over 10,000 people die due to storms in the United States alone. Countless families have been ripped apart - all from a preventable tragedy. The greatest threat posed by violent storms is their unpredictability. Tornadoes can...

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tornado shelters

6 Things to Consider When Buying Residential Tornado Shelters

Studies show that the U.S. experiences more than 1,000 tornadoes every year, followed by Canada, which records approximately 100 tornadoes annually. Adequate preparation is critical to keeping your property and family safe. Apart from...

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tornado shelter

5 Benefits of a Tornado Shelter and Why You Should Have One

Tornadoes are frequent in several parts of the United States, with 1,520 tornadoes being recorded in 2019. Therefore, it is crucial for homeowners in tornado-prone areas to invest in a tornado shelter to keep their families safe....

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commercial storm shelters

Guide To Commercial Storm Shelters

If your business is located in a tornado or hurricane-prone area, you need to have a tornado shelter in place to keep your employees safe. The United States leads the list of absolute tornado counts with 1,00 occurring on average every...

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Terrorist in a holding a homemade bomb

The Role of a Safe Room in the Event of a Terrorist Act

In today’s world, the threat of terror attacks weighs heavily on the minds of those dedicated to protecting their loved ones. While foreign attacks are much less likely to occur in the US, domestic terrorism is on the rise. If you want...

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Burglar standing outside of a door

What Is a Safe Room?

Safe rooms are quickly becoming an important investment in any new home construction. With the ability to protect your family from both storms and intruders, you have protection regardless of what occurs. If you have heard about safe rooms...

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A large tornado moving across a field

5 Preparation Steps for Tornado Season

Waiting for trouble to strike is a recipe for disaster. Living in Southwest Missouri and ignoring tornado safety preparation is truly a dangerous combination. Everyone in our area should have a plan for exactly what to do in case severe...

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