Interesting Facts About An Above-Ground Storm Shelter

storm shelterIn 2019, there were a reported 1,520 tornadoes in the United States. Given such, the need for storm shelters is great. An above-ground storm shelter is able to keep you safer beyond comprehension. According to data, the number of documented tornadoes grew to 1,520 in 2019. This figure was up from the 1,126 tornadoes that were reported in 2018. Let’s examine some interesting facts about above-ground storm shelters.

Above-Ground Storm Shelter Can Handle Serious Weight

One of the biggest risks involved in tornadoes and storms is flying debris. If there is an above-ground storm shelter that meets FEMA requirements, it will be able to withstand a car that weighs approximately 3,000 pounds. Additionally, the same severe weather that brings tornadoes often produces heavy rains. In areas that are prone to extreme and flash flooding, your above-ground storm shelter will be able to withstand all of Mother Nature’s elements that come its way. A properly constructed above-ground storm shelter will provide you and your loved ones with the shelter needed against heavy flying objects and debris.

Simple & Clear Entry

Another fact about an above-ground storm shelter is that each entry is clearly marked. All you have to do is to walk toward the clearly labeled entrance, and you’re in a strong and sturdy safe place. While an underground storm shelter requires pulling a door from the ground, your above tornado shelter will provide easy access to all family and friends who need to take cover. Should a storm arise, the entrance to an above-ground storm shelter will remain far more visible. Even if there are debris, dirt, and rubble on top of it. The entrances will be clearly marked. This will certainly serve as a huge advantage when sight is diminished due to the high winds that a storm produces. Even people with mobility issues will find greater ease in entering an above-ground storm shelter. Whether you have a family member who is wheelchair-bound or walks with an apparatus, the above storm shelter will be very accessible when it’s time to take shelter fast.

Easier And Quicker Installation

Whether it’s a commercial storm shelter you need for your employees or a residential storm shelter, you will find that the above-ground weather shelters are quicker to assemble and install. There’s no need for a hole for an above-ground storm shelter. There is also no need for anyone to break up concrete or dirt from your garage floor or any portion of your property. Above-ground, shelters will not even require the relocation of sewer or utility lines. For many, the installation of an above-ground storm shelter can be moved from one location to another, without compromising any other outside dwelling or wiring.

The Perfect Plan B

Another fact about an above-ground storm shelter is that they serve as the perfect Plan B. With your shelter, you can place the non-perishable foods, flashlights, and other storm survival equipment that’s needed. When a tornado, storm, or related weather event strikes, we oftentimes think that we will have ample time and opportunity to prepare. Many of us think that we will have a chance to pack a bag, look for food and then hunker down. Thanks to an above-ground storm shelter, you can house the necessities you need, while living daily life. Above-ground tornado shelters serve as the perfect Plan B when that primary plan falls and fails. Your shelter will be accessible at a moment’s notice.

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