Why You Need a Commercial Storm Shelter

If you live in an area impacted by tornados or intense and dangerous storms, building a commercial storm shelter will help keep you and your employees safe. The United States is a world leader in tornados, with over 1,000 taking place each year. If you need to protect your company against tornado-related damage, a commercial storm shelter is the right option for you.


Tornado shelters are very important in ensuring that you, your employees, and your customers are protected during an extreme weather event. If you do not have a commercial storm shelter and a storm plan in place with your employees, you are creating a situation where your employees and customers could be in danger when they don’t need to be.

Show You Care

If you are in a tornado zone and you don’t have a tornado shelter for your commercial property, it is a sign that you don’t care about your employees. Installing a storm shelter for the employees on your commercial property can show prospective hires that you care about your employees. A cared-for employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee is one that is more productive.

Prevention of Disaster

While you can’t prevent a tornado from happening, you can prevent any disastrous impact on your employees or present customers by having a commercial shelter. If you do not have a commercial storm shelter installed, it is very possible that if a tornado hits your commercial property, people could be injured. On top of the fear that you would feel for your employees if they were stuck in a storm, you could also be liable for any injuries they sustain. If the injured people did not have a safe place to weather out the storm, they will be blaming you for their injuries, which could lead to a lawsuit against your company. A lawsuit is an entirely different disastrous event that can last much longer than any storm.

A Basement is Not Enough

Even if your commercial property has a basement, it may not be safe enough during intense weather conditions such as tornados. It is possible for the entire structure to collapse on itself, resulting in injuries for those in the basement. On top of this, if a tornado is strong enough to pick up and move an entire building, the basement can become exposed and no longer be safe. Having a commercial storm shelter that is specifically designed to combat the type of storms that impact you mean that anyone in your commercial building will have the chance to be fully safe during extreme weather.

Trust Our Team to Help

Our team has over fifteen years of experience designing, building, and installing commercial storm shelters, and we want to help you with your storm shelter project. We can customize your commercial storm shelter to meet your needs exactly and help make sure that you and your employees are safe in case of an emergency.