5 Benefits of a Tornado Shelter and Why You Should Have One

tornado shelterTornadoes are frequent in several parts of the United States, with 1,520 tornadoes being recorded in 2019. Therefore, it is crucial for homeowners in tornado-prone areas to invest in a tornado shelter to keep their families safe. Residential tornado shelters not only keep your loved ones safe but also secure other valuable items such as paintings and jewelry.

Why Do You Need a Storm Shelter?

Strong winds that drive the hurricanes and tornados move at a dangerous speed of 300 mph and can occupy a path of more than 50 miles. If your house happens to be in the path of a tornado, the damage caused to your house may be irreparable. If tornados can destroy your whole house, you can imagine what would happen to you and your family, if you do not have a tornado shelter. In states like Texas and Kansas that frequently experience tornados, residential storm shelters may be the difference between life and death during a tornado.

Keeping your family, pets, and valuable items safe is the main reason most homeowners invest in a tornado shelter. However, storm shelters provide more than security.

Here are more benefits of tornado shelters.

1. Designed to Last

A residential storm shelter is a one-time investment for homeowners. Luckily, several American companies specialize in building tornado shelters and safe rooms. Storm shelters are designed and built to withstand the strongest storms, hurricanes, and tornados without sustaining damages. The walls and ceiling of a tornado shelter are reinforced with quality steel. As such, tornado shelters are not only secure but also durable.

2. Easy Accessibility

You can decide to have an underground storm shelter or opt for aboveground storm shelters. You should build a storm shelter in a place that most family members can easily access. Tornados move at an extreme speed and may cause major damage in less than a minute. With a fast-to-access tornado shelter, your family will be able to rush into the shelter in the shortest time possible and escape the wrath of a tornado.

3. Enough Room for Your Family

Relying on a community storm shelter may spell doom for your family. First, while rushing to get to the shelter, one of your family members might not be swift enough, and a tornado may catch up with them. Additionally, the community storm shelter may be packed to capacity and not have room to accommodate all your family members. This would lead to separation from your loved ones. The last thing you want during a tornado is to remain in worry over the safety of your family members.

4. Storage for Emergency Supplies

In preparation for a tornado, you should stock your residential tornado shelter with enough supplies to last you through a storm. These supplies include packed food, water, blankets, and flashlights. You should also have emergency medical supplies and a first-aid kit. When a tornado hits, you may panic as you scamper for safety and forget to collect the necessary emergency supplies. However, with a tornado shelter in your home, you are always ready, as you have already pre-stocked your emergency supplies.

5. Adds Value to Your Property

A home with a residential storm shelter in place is more attractive than a home without one. If you decide to sell your home, prospective buyers will be happy to buy a home with a tornado shelter already installed. Customers will have the peace of mind that their family will be secured in case a storm or tornado hits.

Today, states that are frequently hit by tornados and storms are considering implementing building codes that would require new houses to have a tornado shelter. This goes a long way to emphasize the need for a residential tornado shelter in a home.