Guide To Commercial Storm Shelters

commercial storm shelters

If your business is located in a tornado or hurricane-prone area, you need to have a tornado shelter in place to keep your employees safe. The United States leads the list of absolute tornado counts with 1,00 occurring on average every year. A commercial shelter provides reliable protection even in the worst storms. Here is a guide to everything you need to know about commercial storm shelters.

Commercial Tornado Shelter Features

Commercial storm shelters are modular units that can be used and relocated to many different business locations. The structure consists of a reinforced concrete pad with a unique anchoring system. These storm shelters are FEMA compliant and able to withstand 250 mph and more winds. Fresh air is able to flow freely into the units while keeping out debris and pests. The exterior is electrostatic coated with premium-grade primer and paint to create either a durable high gloss finish or an automobile quality powder coat.

Commercial Storm Shelter Benefits

Commercial shelters offer a few benefits. They can keep your employees safe during a chaotic storm. These tornado shelters can also be used to store important documents and valuable equipment. These shelters can also be easily moved to multiple job sites as needed. The shelters can be customized to fit your location.

Why Choose Miami Nation Stronghold?

At Miami Nation Stronghold, we’ve been serving companies for over 14 years. We provide tornado shelters for government agencies, residential communities, and commercial businesses. Our anchoring system was approved by the U.S. Army of Engineers and we’re certified by the National Storm Shelter Association. We’re also certified by the SBA as a Tribally Owned 8(a) business. Our modular systems are designed for numerous logistics and operational tasks for critical defense, disaster response, and security environments.

When it comes to protecting your employees and property, commercial storm shelters are a must for your business. These deadly storms can happen at a moment’s notice, so don’t delay on having one installed at your location. If you’d like more information about commercial storm shelters for your business, contact our professionals at Miami Nation Stronghold today! We’ll help you choose the best commercial storm shelter for your business.