5 Preparation Steps for Tornado Season

A large tornado moving across a fieldWaiting for trouble to strike is a recipe for disaster. Living in Southwest Missouri and ignoring tornado safety preparation is truly a dangerous combination. Everyone in our area should have a plan for exactly what to do in case severe weather strikes. Today, the team at Miami Nation Stronghold, LLC will share five steps you should take to make sure you and your family remain safe during tornado season.

5 Crucial Steps for Tornado Safety Preparation

1 – Choose a Designated Safe Room

The most important aspect of tornado safety is planning. Do you and your loved ones know where to go in case a tornado strikes? Choose a safe room where your family and pets can seek shelter. If you do not have a storm shelter, select an interior room on the lowest floor in your home. Then, keep blankets and a first aid kit in the room at all times.


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2 – Keep an NOAA Weather Radio in Your Home

During particularly severe storms, there is always a risk of a power outage. Invest in an NOAA weather radio and keep batteries on hand. If your power goes out, you can keep up on the latest weather information. Keep these items in your safe room at all times.


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3 – Teach Your Family Basic First Aid

Make sure that everyone in your family knows the basics of first aid in case of injury. In addition, they should know how to get in contact with emergency services. Even small children can save lives if they are taught exactly what to do in an emergency. 

4 – Check the Emergency Plans at Your Family’s Workplaces and Schools

Every building has different safe places. You spend a lot of time at work, as do your children at school. Take the time to learn the tornado emergency plan at these places as well. You never know when a tornado may strike. 

5 – Invest in a Storm Shelter

Perhaps the best way to ensure your family remains safe during a tornado is to invest in a storm shelter or safe room. These are specifically designed to withstand high winds and debris. Choose a company that you can trust like Miami Nation Stronghold, LLC to ensure your storm shelter is of the highest quality, and you can rest easy knowing that your family will be safe during tornado season.

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