What to Do in a Home Without a Basement During a Tornado?

Tornado shelter sign with a storm forming in the background

One of the safest places to be during a tornado is in your basement. However, not everyone in the Ozarks has access to a basement. When the Joplin tornado struck, for instance, a majority of the city’s residents were without a basement. 


The reality of Southwest Missouri is that our soil makes basements an impractical and cost-prohibitive safety measure. With limestone just below the surface and a high water table, basements simply aren’t included in most homes. So what should a homeowner without a basement do to remain safe during a tornado?

Alternatives to a Basement for Tornado Safety

Many communities have begun to invest in community shelters. Public buildings like schools and government structures often act as a community safe house. However, tornados may strike quickly and without much warning. Joplin residents received a 20-minute tornado warning on May 22nd, however, that was unusually long. Most warnings come between five and seven minutes before the tornado strikes, leaving you little time to go to a community shelter.


Instead, many people are turning to safe rooms or home storm shelters. These can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a basement addition and allow you and your family quick access to safety if a tornado were to strike. Best of all, these can be added to nearly any home. As they are above-ground shelters, soil quality is less of a concern. 


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Above-ground shelters carry another important benefit over a basement. Basements run the risk of trapping families underground in the case of a home collapse, placing you in danger of flood or fire after the tornado has passed. The above-ground storm shelters designed by Miami Nation Stronghold, LLC have reinforced doors that open inward, preventing rubble or debris from blocking the exit.


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If you have neither a basement or a storm shelter, your options are more limited. You should seek out an interior room, such as a bathroom or closet. You want to stay as far away from windows as possible while protecting your head and neck from debris. Some people use mattresses, and others crouch under sturdy furniture.

Invest in Your Family’s Safety With Miami Nation Stronghold, LLC

Miami Nation Stronghold, LLC offers top-of-the-line safe rooms and storm shelters at a fraction of the cost of basement construction. With the constant threat of tornados in our area, everyone should take the time to invest in their home’s tornado safety. Contact our team today at 417-725-0055 to learn more.