Developing a Safety Plan for Tornado Weather

Tornado Safety Plan on a Notepad

Although tornadoes can occur with no warning, there are still ways you can prepare and protect your family when they hit. Creating a safety plan that you and your family can follow and practice will ensure your family is prepared to react quickly and safely during a storm. Today, the team at Stronghold Safe Rooms will discuss how to develop a tornado safety plan for your family.

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Start with the Basics

Before you can formulate a plan, you need to identify the safest room or area in your home. For many, this could be a bathroom or closet in the middle of the home. If your home isn’t equipped with a suitable location, you may want to invest in a storm shelter or safe room. Make sure you don’t choose a room with windows, as glass can quickly become hazardous in strong winds. 

Once you have your safe room selected, it is time to gather any necessary supplies. Including the following items:

  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight with fresh batteries
  • Portable cell phone charger 
  • Heavy blankets for protection
  • Drinking water and storable food
  • Emergency Phone Number List
  • Any necessities you may need at a moment’s notice (prescription medicine, diapers, etc)

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Practice Reacting to a Tornado with Your Family

Once you have a safe room selected and stocked with the essentials, it’s time to have your family practice moving quickly and efficiently to the safe room. Have them start in various areas of the house, then blow a whistle to let them know to start. Have them move quickly but efficiently to the safe room. Once your family is comfortable with the plans, regular practice will help to ensure they don’t panic if a real tornado warning was to occur. Take time every few months to refresh your family on the plan, so they are comfortable and prepared.

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If you live in an area prone to tornadoes, a safe room can literally be a lifesaver. To learn more about our safe rooms and storm shelters, reach out to our team at 417-725-0055 or 877-883-0733 today. The Stronghold team is more than happy to walk you through the process to ensure you and your family get the safe room that is perfect for your home.