What Is the Safest Room in a House During a Tornado?

Home after a tornado hits

When you live in southern Missouri, it is important to be educated and prepared in case of a sudden tornado. Everyone should know the most secure place in their home or apartment, so they can stay safe during dangerous storms. Today, the Stronghold Safe Rooms team will discuss some of the factors you should consider when you decide on your tornado safety plan.

Choose an Interior Room

The most dangerous aspect of a tornado isn’t actually the high winds — it is the debris carried by the wind. When choosing the room you will take shelter in, consider which rooms are closest to the interior of your home. Avoid windows, as glass shards can be extremely dangerous during a tornado. If you don’t own a tornado safe room, you should choose a bathroom, closet, or basement.

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Avoid Rooms with Large, Heavy Objects

If you live in a two-story home, consider the objects on the second floor. You don’t want a heavy object in the room above to fall into your room if a tornado strikes your home. Likewise, rooms with loose, heavy objects like a garage can be hazardous. A set of dumbbells can quickly become projectiles in a tornado. Comparatively, a closet filled with linens is a much better choice. 

Keep Blankets in Your Safe Room

Whichever room you choose, it can be a good idea to store heavy blankets in order to protect yourself. A heavy blanket can help to protect you from debris that would cause injury. If a bathroom is your safe room, do your best to bring a blanket with you.

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Choose a Storm Shelter from Stronghold Safe Rooms

Your best choice is to have a safe room installed in your home by the professionals at Stronghold. Our team has designed the Z4 Safe Room to protect you and your family from the worst that mother nature has to offer. Don’t wait for a tornado to hit before buying your safe room. With affordable financing options, today is the perfect time to buy your safe room.