How Does a Stronghold Storm Shelter Protect Against Tornados?

Twin tornadoes forming in field

Tornados are an unfortunate reality for those of us living in the Midwest. Those with a basement or storm shelter built into their home are likely aware that these are often the safest places to go if a tornado strikes. However, another unfortunate reality in the Midwest is we have very rocky soil that can prohibit the building of basements. Luckily, above-ground storm shelters have proven to be superior to underground shelters, since they don’t have flooding or access problems. Today, Stronghold Safe Rooms will explain how above ground storm shelters can protect you and your family during a tornado.

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How Does a Stronghold Safe Room Protect You From Storms?

Stronghold designed the Z4 Safe Room in order to protect our customers from the power of the tornados that threaten our area. We build prefabricated shelters and bolt-together shelters proven to withstand debris in a 250-mile-per-hour EF-5 tornado. Our fabricated shelters are built by state-of-the-art robotic laser guided welds, ensuring the highest-quality protection and engineering.

Shelters can either be installed within your home or bolted on a reinforced concrete pad (at least 4’ thick) in your yard.

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The number one threat during a tornado is flying debris. Our shelters have passed tests by the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech to withstand fifteen-pound two-by-fours shot from a cannon to simulate the force of debris impact in an EF-5 tornado. 

Our Safe Rooms also feature inward swinging doors, an often overlooked safety feature. When tornados strike, debris can quickly pile up and block doors that swing out — potentially trapping you in the shelter. Our vent covers, located on the door, are covered to prevent debris from entering the shelter. We have designed our Z4 Safe Room from top to bottom to provide you and your family with protection from whatever storms you may face.

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Our Z4 Safe Rooms are designed to meet the highest residential and commercial shelter standards from FEMA. All of our shelters are also built to meet the higher commercial standard. You know if you order a safe room from Stronghold, your family will enjoy the same level of protection that companies like Google, Microsoft, and the US Government give their employees. Contact Stronghold Safe Rooms today at 417-725-0055.