How Much Should You Pay For A Storm Shelter?

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When you buy a storm shelter, there are several different aspects of the buying process that may increase your potential price. If you want your storm shelter to fit your home or business’s needs, Stronghold Safe Rooms lists a few things you should think about before purchasing a safe room.


There are actually two main types of storm shelters that you can choose from — above ground and below ground shelters. Above ground shelters and beneficial because:

  • They can be placed anywhere
  • Easily accessible for handicapped family members
  • Can keep you safe from intruders
  • Cost-effective

While below ground shelters:

  • Space savers
  • Can add value to your home
  • Avoid lightning and high winds
  • Can be installed in the safety of your home or garage

While underground storm shelters are more expensive, they provide many additional safety features that may be important to the people who will be using it.

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The more people you want to fit in your storm shelter, the more expensive it’s going to be. Before you decide on the measurement size of your shelter, think about what exactly is going in the space and how many people it will hold. Do you want a little extra room for additional people or emergency items? It’s important that you have room for everyone who may need to use the storm shelter if a disaster hits.

Building Materials

Once you decide the type of storm shelter you’re receiving, you may have to make some decisions about the type of building materials you want on your shelter. For example, what kind of storm door do you want? Steel or concrete walls? What type of locking mechanism do you want to be installed? What about the ventilation system? There’s a lot more that goes into getting a storm shelter than you think. If you’re unsure about the process or need some advice on the best materials for your needs, consult Stronghold Safe Rooms and their staff throughout the building process.


Where your safe room will be installed can drastically affect the price point. Above ground shelters are easier to install since they can be placed almost anywhere. While underground storm shelters are very secure, they can require building permissions as well as licenses to install them due to them being underground. If you’re looking for an extremely safe storm shelter, prices may not matter.

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Soil Conditions

If you’re getting an underground storm shelter, these shelters require excavation to get it installed. The condition the soil is in on your property can actually affect the pricing of your shelter installation. The smoother and softer your soil is, the easier and quicker your shelter will be installed. If you have rockier soil, the installation may be a bit more time consuming and expensive. The condition of the soil on your property is something to think about when choosing a storm shelter.

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