Documents To Store In A Safe Pt. 2

close up of documents

Throughout life, you will accumulate quite a few important documents. Though it may be tempting to just put them in your desk drawer, the best place for them is in a secure safe. In a previous blog, we listed several things that should most definitely be stored in your home safe. In this Stronghold Blog lists some additional important personal documents that should be kept in your safe!

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Marriage License

Your marriage license is another important document that you should keep safely stored in your safe. You will occasionally need to access this information. For instance, if you plan on changing your name you will need the information on this document.


Though your attorney should also have a copy, you should keep one for yourself. This is an incredibly important document, so this is definitely high on the list of documents that belong in a locked safe.

Financial Account Information

Even though a lot of your financial information can be accessed online, it is wise to create a document where you list out all of your accounts and also the passwords to access these accounts. This document should be safely stored away in your safe so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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