Stronghold Discusses The History Of Safe Rooms

black safe room lockAs long as individuals have had valuables they would like to store, or places that they seek in times of emergency, there have been safe rooms. In this blog, Stronghold Safe Rooms provides you with more information about the history of safe rooms.

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Around The World

It may seem strange, but safe rooms have been traced back as far as ancient Egypt. During excavations, archeologists found small, secretive rooms that were built to protect the treasures of the pharaoh from tomb robbers. Castles also have their fair share of hidden rooms. The room that is most closely associated with a safe room would be a room known as the castle keep. This room would be a place that a noble family would go to ensure safety if there was a siege or battle.

In America

America has its own history of safe rooms. In the 1920s, safe rooms were utilized to store alcohol that had been banned due to prohibition, thereby keeping those goods safe from discovery. Safe rooms have been used to protect people from the weather and from intruders.

Since 2003, Stronghold Safe Rooms has been producing industry-leading safe rooms, bringing secure safe rooms to the midwest.

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