Will A Safe Protect My Belongings?

Woman opening a safe

If you’re looking for high-quality protection for your valuables, you might want to consider buying a home safe. Are safes worth the money? How secure are they? Stronghold Safe Rooms discusses how Liberty Safes are made and how durable they really are.

What Valuables Are At Risk?

The top five items most often stolen in a home burglary are probably not the items you’d expect. Thieves are looking for objects that are convenient to swipe, easy to carry, and items they can sell for a profit. The good thing is, many of these items can fit easily in a home safe.

  1. Guns
  2. Alcohol, and prescription medications
  3. Electronics
  4. Audio Equipment
  5. Cash and jewelry

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Some statistics you should know about break-ins are:

  • Most break-ins happen in just 8 minutes or less regardless if there is an alarm system.
  • Security breaches happen between 10 AM and 2 PM when most people are at work
  • Most break-ins are performed by young adult men ages 18-26
  • Police reports show that when thieves run into safes like Liberty Safes, burglars usually leave without taking a thing. They are aware that they don’t have the time or expertise to break the safe so they escape the scene.

But how secure are home safes and can they protect my items from thieves?

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How Are They Made?

Liberty Safes are made from American-made steel. The body and door are formed with coiled steel depending on the size and model of the safe. The outside is covered with a protective coating to prevent any rust. One of the unique features of our safes is that they do not include any seams on the front or side of our safes’ tops. This makes the safe difficult to pry open. Our safes are finished with a durable powder coat paint that’s cured onto the metal surfaces. We use three different types of finishes on your safes including textured, marble, and gloss.

While these safes are decorative, they are fully prepared to withstand high temperatures in case of a fire. Liberty Safes have fire insulation installed on all six interior surfaces including the door. With multiple layers of fireboard, a Liberty Safe is a quality choice to help your prized belongings survive in case of an unexpected disaster.

The final step of the process includes putting the safe together. Each safe receives their fabric interior and shelving system. We choose durable and high-quality fabric and heat glue it to sheets of wood to create a long-lasting interior for your belongings.

Finally, Liberty safes receive its most secure feature, the locks and locking bars. We install UL Listed electronic or mechanical locks along with locking bars that range from 3/16” thick steel up to ½” thick. When you choose a Liberty Safe from us, you can be sure your valuables are receiving the highest quality of protection that is all American made!

Protect Your Belongings With Stronghold Safe Rooms

Stronghold Safe Rooms is a proud supplier of Liberty Safes. With their high-performance abilities of withstanding heat and break-ins, you can’t go wrong. Still not convinced they’re secure? Read about more of their safety features here! Contact Stronghold Safe Rooms today to get a quote on your home safe.