What Valuables Should I Store In My Safe?

Marble table with valuable items across itWhen you purchase a safe, it’s easy to assume you should put any and everything valuable inside the safe to keep it secure. However, not every valuable item you have should be kept in a safe. In this blog, Stronghold Safe Rooms discusses the items you should be storing in your home safe.

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Birth Certificates

Birth certificates are important documents because they prove that you’re a citizen of the country you live in. Losing your birth certificate could create problems down the line including applying for jobs, taking out loans, getting a passport and more.

Insurance Policies

If anything were to happen to your home, the first thing you’d want to look for is your home insurance policy and the phone number for your insurance agent. Keeping these items in a secure and easy to access part of your home will save you lots of trouble during an unfortunate situation.

Emergency Cash

Keeping a small stash of cash can save you a trip to the bank if you’re in a tight situation. Try keeping your emergency fund in smaller bills rather than larger ones for versatility. You never know what kind of situation you will need it for, so it’s better to have smaller bills than having to go through the trouble to break larger ones.

Medical Information

Medical information can include anything from medical insurance information to copies of your prescription refills. In a medical emergency, these are documents important to keep close to home. A safe is also a secure place to store any medications you don’t want others to get into.

Social Security Card

Your social security card is required to collect social security benefits, apply for jobs, and receive other government services. While your social security card is an important card to have, never keep it on your person if possible in case it is lost or stolen. Keeping it in a safe ensures the card is in a secure area until you need it for next time.

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