What You Should Keep in Your Storm Shelter First Aid Kit

First aid kit


Having a durable storm shelter is a genuine life-saver in a number of situations. Whether it’s a flood, tornado, hurricane, or any other emergency situation, your storm shelter can keep you and your family safe. But it’s not just the shelter itself. Stronghold Safe Rooms has covered the basics of an emergency kit in a past blog. In this entry, we’re going into more detail about the kind of supplies you need to keep in your first aid kit — one of the most essential parts of your emergency preparedness plan.

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First Aid Manual

Before we begin with the kit itself, you should have a modern, up-to-date first aid manual as part of your first aid kit. This will include all the essential items in addition to what we’ve included here, along with important instructions and emergency guides.

Basic Emergency First Aid

Your first aid kit should contain supplies that can be used for quick application to wounds or injuries, as well as medications that can help with pain, swelling, or infections. Depending on the availability of kits in your area, you can buy a fully-stocked first aid kit or assemble your own. Just remember to include the essentials if you’re putting one together yourself.

Tapes and Bandages

Make sure your kit has adequate bandages and tapes. This includes things like band-aids, adhesive tape and bandages, duct tape, medical gauze, and sterile, non-stick bandages.

Antiseptics and Ointments

If you or anyone else sustains an open wound during an emergency, there’s a significant risk of infection. Your first aid kit should include antiseptic solutions, antibiotic ointments, and basics like hand sanitizer and hydrogen peroxide. You should also include a bulb-suction device (such a turkey baster) and saline solution to flush wounds.

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Scissors, Stitches and Other Tools

You should also include a variety of tools like tweezers, scissors, syringes, medicine cups, eye patches, dust masks, finger splints, and thermometers. Along with other basics like cotton balls and cotton swabs, stitches, sutures, and disposable medical examination gloves. With these items you can safely treat injuries without risking infection.


You also need to keep a variety of medication in your first aid kit. Include basic painkillers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, antihistamines, cold, cough, and flu medications. It’s important to have a variety of painkillers as some family members may be too young for certain types, or have allergies to certain ingredients. You should also include anti-diarrhea and laxative medications, along with antacids. Make sure you always follow the instructions on the labels of any medication.

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