Why Your Business Could Benefit from a Commercial Storm Shelter

Yellow Storm shelter sign on wall


Commercial storm shelters do more than just protect people from a storm — they let your staff know that you care for their wellbeing. Read on below for the benefits a commercial storm shelter brings to your business.

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Eases Fears

Anyone who lives in a tornado-prone area knows how scary it can be when the sirens start blaring and the sky goes dark in the middle of the day. That anxiety is heightened when someone doesn’t feel like they are near a reliably safe shelter. While stairwells and interior rooms are the safest places in a building, not everyone feels comfortable cramped below a staircase.

A commercial storm shelter means you and your staff have a safe shelter you can trust. That means that when the sirens go off, everyone can rest a little easier knowing they’re protected.

Protection from the Storm

A commercial storm shelter from Stronghold Safe Rooms provides quality-verified protection through the storm. When the wind starts whipping and the hail starts falling, our shelters will keep you and your staff safe and dry. Our shelters are built to withstand winds in excess of 250 mph and have been tested and verified at the National Wind Institute.

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Show Them You Care

If you’re on the fence about investing in a commercial storm shelter, the value of its presence can’t be overlooked. Staff recognize the concern for their wellbeing that a commercial storm shelter represents. When you choose Stronghold, you choose a company with an established reputation for excellence.

Contact Stronghold Safe Rooms to Learn More

Check out our commercial shelters page to learn more about the testing and qualifications of our shelters. Be sure to check out our list of commercial customers as well, which includes major brand names such as Microsoft, Google, FedEx, and many more. Contact Stronghold Safe Rooms today to learn what a commercial storm shelter can do for your business.