How To Calm Your Child During A Storm

If you are aware that your child is afraid of storms and you want to help them feel less intimidated, there are a few steps that you can take in order to help them feel more comfortable. In this blog, Stronghold Safe Rooms provides you with a few techniques.

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What You Can Do

First off, remember that your child will feed off of your fear. If you are panicking, your child will as well. Stay calm and explain to your child what is occurring. If the storm is severe, make sure that you explain to your child what they might experience during the storm so that any changes are not as intimidating. If your child needs to be comforted, hold them and affirm to them that you are here for them. They will feel far more comforted knowing that you are there. It is a good idea to help them engage in an activity. Try reading to them, or assisting them with an easy coloring project.

Taking Safety Precautions

If you are in the path of a severe storm, make sure that you are in a space that is safe. Ensure that you have emergency supplies at the ready, and help them. Make sure that they are familiar with the area that you will be seeking shelter in. If you have a safe room, allow them to tape drawings into the safe room and become comfortable with the area prior to seeking shelter. Integrate the space into their play routine so that they do not feel as intimidated by it.

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Contact Stronghold

If you need a safe space for yourself and your family during storms, contact Stronghold Safe Rooms today. With residential safe room options that meet industry safety codes, you can feel secure knowing that your family is protected.