Do I Need A Safe Room If I Have A Basement?

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So, your home has a basement. You’re safe from storms, right? Not necessarily. This blog from Stronghold Safe Rooms explains why you might want to go ahead and invest in a safe room.

Why Won’t My Basement Always Protect Me?

If you do not have a safe room, but you do have a basement, you might feel that your basement will be enough protection for you. If a storm is intense enough, a basement can buckle. In some instances, a basement might not be able to protect you. Basements can collapse, with walls being particularly susceptible to damage. If you are at risk of flooding, remember that basements can flood, making them a bad place to seek refuge.

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What Can A Safe Room Do?

A safe room provides additional protection. Safe rooms that are designed with safety standards in mind are far more secure than a basement could be. If you want to provide yourself and your family with every opportunity to be safe, then it is a wonderful idea to invest in a safe room.

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Contact Stronghold For Information

If you are ready for an option that is a far more secure than your basement might be, then contact Stronghold Safe Rooms for more information today. Our safe rooms are all compliant with industry standards, and our mission centers on providing individuals with protection at an affordable price.