Stronghold: What Should You Have In Your Safe Room?

spread of emergency supplies for a safe room

If you have a safe room in your home that is currently unstocked, you should make sure that you stock it in preparation for a disaster or intruder situation. In this blog, Stronghold ensures that you are stocking your safe room with the appropriate supplies.

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Why Should I Stock My Safe Room?

If you are faced with an impending threat, knowing that you can go into your safe room and have the tools that you need to survive for the duration of a storm or attack will give you some peace of mind during an otherwise chaotic situation. As the saying goes, it is “better to be safe than sorry.” By ensuring that you have the following supplies and restocking them periodically, you can rest assured that you are prepared.

What Are Some Supplies I Need?

If you are unsure of what you need and only have a few cans of green beans and a roll of toilet paper in your preparation kit, no need to fear, below we provide you with a basic list of supplies you will need.

  1. Food Supplies- Drinking water, canned vegetables, and cartons of sugar-free juice are good basics. Food bars that are storable, along with freeze-dried fruits are also great options. If you have a little one, storable baby food and formula should also be included in your preparation kit. Remember to periodically check the expiration dates of foodstuffs and replenish as needed. If you have pets, make sure that you have ample water and food stocked for them as well.  
  2. First Aid Supplies- Have a small first aid kit at the ready in case of emergency. Make sure that the kit is stocked with needed medications, butterfly bandages, antibiotic ointment, and band-aids. Make sure medications do not expire.
  3. Self-care Materials- Diapers, underwear and corresponding changes of clothing are a good idea. Additionally, blankets and pillows are a great option to ensure comfort. If you have little ones, a stuffed animal or two might not hurt either. Entertainment items like books or puzzles are easy to store. A safe can be beneficial to secure valuables.
  4. Electronics- Ensure that you have a charged phone or some sort of emergency preparation alert that you can utilize to alert the proper authorities of your predicament. A light source that is not connected to the power source of the home is also a necessity. Batteries are good to have, as is a small radio.

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If you are not sure that your safe room is ready for a possible threat, contact Stronghold today. We are always happy to help individuals select the safe room option that is best for their needs. From residential to commercial, and even if you need a safe for added security, Stronghold is happy to assist you.