Here’s Why You Need a Storm Safe Door

Storm Safe Doors – Strong and Tested

As the frequency of large-scale tornado outbreaks increases in the U.S., more and more families seek protection. Consequently, residential safe rooms are growing in popularity.

Similar to any other room, safe rooms must be accessed through an opening or door. Just as the walls of a safe room are built to protect against extreme weather conditions, so must the safe room door.

A safe room door opening can leave residents in danger of injury or death during violent tornadoes. Why take that risk? When you make a careful selection and installation of the Stronghold storm safe door assembly, you are shielded from even the deadliest natural disasters.

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Not All Doors are the Same

Steel doors commonly used in residential construction cannot tolerate the violent impact of a tornado. Their failure has resulted in serious injury and even death during tornadoes. There is a common misconception that a steel “storm door” with three locks and three hinges can provide tornado safety protection, but this is tragically untrue. Only door assemblies designed and tested to resist tornadoes can provide life-safety protection for you and your family.

The Difference Between a Tested Door and a Standard Door

Safe room doors must be carefully designed, constructed and tested in order to be reliable. Some door suppliers offer non-tested “storm door” assemblies for use in safe rooms, but there is no substitute for a tested tornado safe room door assembly.

At Stronghold Safe Rooms, we don’t give you a false sense of security. When it comes to providing life-safety protection, look no further than the tornado-tested products from Stronghold.

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Stronghold’s Storm Safe Door

If you have a concrete safe room without a tornado-proof door, Stronghold is your solution. Our StormSafe Door is made from the same materials as our commercial-grade storm shelter doors. You can relax knowing that the door has been fully tested against EF-5 tornado conditions.

Our custom built doors allow us to place a door on your existing safe room, or you can pour in concrete around the door as you are building your safe room. When you choose Stronghold, you’re in good hands. Thanks to three interior locking bolts, it is impossible to be trapped inside your safe room. Our door also features removable door vent covers, which allow emergency personnel to access the room in case of a medical emergency.

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The tornado resistant StormSafe door is the final piece to building a complete tornado safe room. Contact the trusted team at Stronghold Safe Rooms today for a free price quote and site inspection.