Essentials to Keep in Your Stronghold Shelter Safe Room Year Round

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20 Must-Have Items for Your Safe Room

Purchasing a safe room is just the first step to ensuring that your family is protected against natural disasters and home invasions. The next step is installation, and the last and final step is making sure that your safe room is stocked with the following essential items year round:

  1. Drinking Water: As one of the basic human needs, it is crucial to keep plenty of water in your safe room. If you have children, you may consider also keeping juice in stock.
  2. Storable Foods: Depending on the situation, you may not know how long you will need to stay in your safe room until it is all clear to come out. We suggest keeping at least 5-10 days worth of storable foods such as canned foods or MREs (self-contained complete meals typically used in the military).
  3. Portable Toilet: It is likely that at some point, you will need to use the restroom while you are waiting in your safe room. Keeping a portable toilet in stock will help ensure you don’t have to use a cup… or worse.  
  4. Hygiene Products: Keep products such as toilet paper, wet wipes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and hand sanitizer in stock.  
  5. First Aid Kit: In cases of injuries, it is essential to always be prepared with a first aid kit that stays fully stocked with band-aids, alcohol wipes, over-the-counter medications such as benadryl and ibuprofen, gauze pads, and any other first aid kit essentials.   
  6. Telephone: You can choose to keep either a landline phone or a prepaid cell phone in your safe room. Make sure that the cell phone is fully charged and turned off before storing it. We also recommend regularly checking your cell phone and/or landline to ensure it stays working properly for emergency situations.
  7. Battery-Powered Radio: You can also choose a hand-cranked radio, but the purpose of a radio is to keep you up-to-date with local news and authority in cases of natural disasters.  
  8. Portable Charger: Keep a fully-charged portable charger in your safe room so that you are able to charge your cell phone or any other electronics. However, only use this charger for electronic items that you need in order to ensure safety.
  9. Diapers and Baby Food (if necessary): If you have a baby, it is crucial that you keep baby products around such as diapers, storable foods, wipes, baby powder, etc.   
  10. Pet Food and Water (if necessary): During a home intrusion or natural disaster, you will probably bring your furry loved one into the safe room as well. Make sure to keep pet supplies stocked up!  
  11. Potassium Iodide Tablets: If there is a nuclear emergency, these tablets will help protect you against radiation.  
  12. Weaponry (if necessary): We recommend keeping a knife for a variety of uses. However, keep as much weaponry as you are comfortable with.
  13. Flashlight: The last thing you want is to be left in the dark, make sure to have plenty of flashlights or other types of battery powered lighting around.
  14. Duct Tape: We all know that duct tape has several purposes. That is why you should keep it in stock!  
  15. Thermal Blanket and Pillows: You’ll want to make sure you and your family stay warm and cozy during natural disasters in case your electricity goes out or just for comfort.
  16. Reading and Writing Materials: Keep any books or other printed reading materials as well as supplies to write or draw with to keep you busy while you wait.  
  17. List of Emergency Contacts: Write down a list of emergency contacts and their information so that you have it handy.
  18. Fire Extinguisher: It is always good to have a fire extinguisher in your safe room just in case.
  19. Batteries: Keep a variety of batteries in stock to make sure you always have power for flashlights, radios, and any other battery-operated items.
  20. Additional Unique Needs: Make sure that you stock any other unique items that you or a family member would need such as an EpiPen.

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