Here Are Some Tornado Safety Tips Now That School Is Back In Session

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Tornado Safety Tips Now That School Is Back In Session

For some, tornado season brings anxiety. However, if you have lived in Springfield for a while, you have likely come to terms with living in Tornado Alley. While we see the most activity during the spring, the threat of storms still looms through the fall, which can make parents sending their children to school a little bit anxious.

This anxiety is a healthy anxiety, but rather than letting it get the best of you, you should have a plan for when storms hit during the school year. Today, Stronghold Safe Room will give some tornado safety tips for the school year.

Have A Plan

Before school starts, most parents spend their time buying school supplies, getting their kids back on the right sleep schedule, and coordinating transportation. The best way to ensure that your kids know what to do in the event of a storm is to use the weeks before school to establish a plan and teach your kids. That means going over the school storm policy, discussing what to do if a storm happens when the student is away from home, or what to do if a storm happens when both parents aren’t home.

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Practice With Your Child

After establishing a plan with your children, it’s important to practice with them. Whether that means simple quizzing or actual first-hand practicing, this will help your kids absorb the information and be ready to act on it if a tornado threat occurs. When it comes to tornado safety, it’s not only important that you have a plan in place, but also that your kids know it well and won’t panic if a real tornado situation arises.

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Communicate With Their School

Much of your tornado safety planning will be surrounding what to do after school or when in route to school. Luckily for parents, most schools have very strong tornado safety procedures in the event of a storm. A great way to prepare your student for storms during the school year is to communicate with their school and then walk through the procedures with your student before the school year begins.

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Storm season can be stressful for parents, but it is even more stressful when your children are at school. It’s important that your kids know what to do in the event of a tornado, whether they are at school or at home. For more tornado safety tips from Stronghold Safe Room, get in touch with us at (417) 725-0055 or contact us online today.