Here Are Five Tornado Safety Tips For The Fall

Large tornado forming over a field

Five Tornado Safety Tips For The Fall

If you have lived in Missouri for any length of time, you know that tornadoes and storms are always a looming threat. If you really know your stuff, you will start paying attention to the weather a little bit closer when spring rolls around. However, just because spring is over, that doesn’t mean that the threat of a tornado doesn’t still loom. 

As summer ends and we get closer to the fall, Stronghold Safe Room wants to spend some time talking about tornado safety during the fall. In today’s post, we’ll give five tornado safety tips for autumn. 

1. Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Just because it isn’t spring or because storm season is ending doesn’t mean that tornadoes can’t happen. Tornado safety in our area is a year-round task and it’s important not to let your guard down. Keep your plans up to date, pay attention to the weather, and make sure that you are aware of the weather when making long trips or going somewhere without a shelter.

2. Keep Your Eyes On Your Weather App

The easiest way to stay prepared for tornadoes is to stay up to date with your weather app or keep your eyes open for weather channel updates. For most of us, weather updates are just a click or tap away so make sure that you are paying attention to what your weather experts are saying.

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3. Identify A Safe Space 

The most important tornado safety step you can take is to establish a safe space in the event of a major storm. If you have a basement, that step is easier. However, even basements are not 100% tornado secure unless they have a reinforced concrete ceiling and walls. If you don’t have a tornado safe room or even a basement, make sure to stay on the ground floor, ideally in an interior room, and avoid windows. 

4. Practice With Your Family

Another great tornado safety tip for families is to run drills with your kids, similar to the drills they go through at school. Make sure that your kids know what room they need to report to and what they should do if they are outdoors or away from home in the event of a storm. 

5. Invest In A Tornado Shelter

Lastly, the only way that you and your family can truly be safe in the event of a tornado is with proper shelter. If you don’t have a basement, that will look like a tornado shelter. Investing in a tornado shelter will ensure that your family is safe if a tornado rolls in. 

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