Here Are A Few Reasons Why A Storm Shelter Is Important

older storm shelter in residential yard

Why Are Storm Shelters Important?

For those who live in Missouri, and specifically, the Springfield area, you know that storms are an ever-present threat. Many homes with basements are valued more highly in this area specifically for that reason, even though basements without reinforced concrete walls and ceiling are still susceptible to tornado damage. However, not all homes have basements, leaving many without any protection from storms.

In today’s blog post, Stronghold Safe Room will take a look at why storm shelters are important. 

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First and foremost, a storm shelter is worth your while because it provides protection for your family. Nothing is more important than the safety of your family and the best way to keep them safe is by investing in a tornado shelter. While there are other options for families without a shelter, like taking shelter in an interior room on the ground floor or a basement, those options aren’t built for storms.

At Stronghold Safe Room, we build storm shelters that you can trust will keep your family safe. We can ensure that your family will have all their bases covered in the event of a tornado or severe thunderstorm. 

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Peace Of Mind

For parents or even concerned spouses, a good deal of anxiety comes from severe storms. Not only are you concerned about keeping your family safe, but when you are away from home and your family, you are also anxious that they won’t be taken care of. Investing in a storm shelter can give you peace of mind that your family is safe and secure at all times, regardless of where you are. 

You can also help your own cause by developing a plan for your family to follow. Make sure that your family knows where they need to go in the event of a storm and if you have children, develop a plan for if there is a storm when they aren’t home. 

Home Value

While the most obvious benefit to a storm shelter is keeping your family safe, it will also increase your home value. In fact, tornado safe rooms have been documented to increase home value as much as 3.5% to 5%. In some cases, the extra equity in your home can even cover the price of the safe room.

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