What to Consider When You Buy a Gun Safe

Researching Gun Safes

Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

Choosing a gun safe is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For one, you’ll be keeping firearms in them, so you want to make sure they’re locked up well and protected. You may also be keeping other valuables in there. Today in the Stronghold Safe Room blog, we’ll give you some questions to keep in mind while making this decision.

What Level of Security Do You Need?

This may seem like a strange question. Obviously, you want good security, right? But it actually depends on who you’re trying to keep out. If you just want to keep children out of your gun safe, a lower level safe will do just fine. However, if you’re concerned about burglary or professional thieves, you’ll need a higher level of security.

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How Often are You Away from Home?

This question factors into the last question a bit. If you or someone else is home most of the time, you probably wouldn’t have to worry too much about burglars targeting your house. However, if you’re away for long hours or even days at a time, you’ll want a gun safe with higher security.

What is the Fire Response Time?

You’ll need to figure out how fire-resistant you want your safe to be. If you live far away from the nearest fire department, you’ll need a strong safe that will stand up to the flames. Any time beyond 30 minutes will need the highest level of fire resistance.

Are You Keeping Heat-Sensitive Items in Your Safe?

The items you keep in your safe will have varying levels of heat sensitivity. If you’re keeping jewelry, precious metals, and other valuables in your gun safe, you know that they’ll be able to last longer in high temperatures. However, if you’re keeping cash, paperwork, family heirlooms, irreplaceable items, or anything similar, you’ll want them to be safe from heat for longer.

How Many Guns are You Keeping in Your Safe?

If you’re keeping a number of long firearms in your gun safe, you’ll need more space. One of the most common problems people have after buying a safe is wishing they would have bought a bigger one. Don’t let this happen to you. Think ahead, and consider getting a larger safe than you need right now so you can add to it later.

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