Before Buying a Storm Shelter, Ask These Questions

Storm clouds forming in the sky

7 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Storm Shelter

Buying a storm shelter is an important decision. There’s no reason to rush the process, and there are certain things you should keep in mind while you’re looking. Today in the Stronghold Safe Room blog, we’ll go over seven questions you should ask yourself before making a final decision on your storm shelter.

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How Long Has the Company Been in Business?

Storm shelter companies often pop up out of nowhere after a major disaster. These companies are usually just trying to capitalize on the potential profits and are probably selling an inexpensive product. Don’t fall for this. Choose a company that has been in the business of providing quality products for a long time. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see a company’s score.

Does the Company Have a List of Previous Clients?

A good shelter company won’t mind if you give their previous customers a call. Good customer service should be expected, and if they don’t have a contact list, they may not be a trustworthy option.

Does the Shelter Need to be Bolted into Reinforced Concrete?

A shelter needs to be bolted into a minimum of 4” of reinforced concrete with anchor bolts. This is the only way they can withstand the intense pressure of a tornado. The company you’re looking at should require a site inspection to make sure this is feasible.

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How Does the Shelter Door Close?

A good shelter should be built with doors that swing inward. If debris and rubble is built up on the outside of your shelter, outward swinging doors might not open, trapping you in your shelter. Make sure the company you choose sells shelters with inward opening doors.

Is Your Company an NSSA member?

The National Storm Shelter Association has incredibly high standards. Many companies choose not to become members because they don’t meet these standards. You don’t want to take chances with your shelter, so make sure the company you choose is an NSSA member.

Has Your Storm Shelter been Tested for Debris Impact Resistance?

This is a minimum requirement for these kinds of shelters. Make sure your shelters have been tested at the Texas Tech Wind Institute, where they simulate EF-5 tornado speeds. Your company should be able to show you a letter that they passed this testing.

Have They Been Verified by an Independent, Registered Wind Engineer?

Your storm shelter company should also have their shelters evaluated by an independent, verified wind engineer to make sure they meet FEMA and ICC 500 codes. They should be able to produce a verification letter that they’ve met these qualifications.

Choose Stronghold Safe Room

If you’re in need of a storm shelter, choose Stronghold Safe Room as your provider. Our shelters meet all of the above requirements and more. If you have any more questions for us, or if you’re ready to start browsing our selection, contact us today.